Building/Zoning Planning Department
101 Sharpe Avenue
P.O. Box 987
Union, SC  29379

Phone:  864-429-1720
Fax:  864-429-1686

For a Business License or Permits, contact Kathy Teague at
864-429-1720 ext. 1338 or by email at

For the Code Official, contact the Code Enforcement Office at

For the Building Inspector, call 864-429-1720.

The Planning Department is responsible for enforcing all zoning regulations and building, mechanical, electrical & plumbing codes within the corporate limits of the City of Union. The department is also responsible for issuing all permits and handling all inspections for construction and renovation work as well as all condemnations and clean up of overgrown lots within the City of Union.


Mission Statement

The City of Union Planning Department will work to ensure sound construction of new building, promote steady maintenance of existing buildings and enforce regulations and development practices in accordance with state and local codes, regulations, laws, and ordinances.

This will be accomplished by expediting the permit and inspection process without compromising the public health, safety, and general welfare to life and property from fire and other hazards attributed to the built environment.


Permit Fee Schedule
Items that are exempt from Building Permits
When is a Permit Required
How to Obtain a Commercial Permit
Homeowners Disclosure Statement
Electrical Permit Application
Mechanical Contractors' Permit Application
Plumbing Permit Application
Sign Permit Application
Building Permit
Intended Scope of Work


Special Inspection Procedure
Self Inspection List
Required Inspections
Residential Inspection Procedures
Certificate of Occupancy Inspection Checklist

Business License Forms

Business License Ordinance
How to Open a Business or Occupy a Building
Business License Application

Union City Codes

City of Union Code of Ordinance


City of Union Zoning Ordinance
Zoning Map
Certificate of Zoning Compliance
Statement of Intended Use

Setbacks Chart

Setbacks Chart

Miscellaneous Forms

Mobile Home Information Packet
Credit Card Authorization Form


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