The City of Union and Union County

The City of Union and Union County, South Carolina are located in one of the fastest growing areas of the U.S.  Ideally located midway between New York City and New Orleans near the Interstate 85 north-south trade corridor, the County is within a one-hour drive of the Charlotte, Greenville-Spartanburg and Columbia metropolitan areas.  Union County is within a one day's drive of nearly every major metropolitan center in the Eastern U.S.  The City is within within 3 hours of Atlanta.

The major thoroughfare in the County is U.S. 176, a four-lane divided highway which connects the County within a 30-minute drive to Interstate 85 in Spartanburg.  South Carolina Highway 49 connects with I-26 and I-385 also within a 30-minute drive.  The County is within an hour's drive of Interstate 40, within a 1.5 hour drive of I-77 and I-20, and 2.5 hours from I-95.  In addition, Union County is less than 3 hours from the Port of Charleston and the county has access to rail from the Norfolk-Southern Rail System.

The current population status here in Union, South Carolina consists of 28,360 residents in Union County of which 8,793 live in the City of Union. 

Our location not only benefits those residents who enjoy living in a rural or small town setting, but many companies find our location as a perfect setting for manufacturing, corporate office, and distribution centers.  Our
Economic Development Office will be more than happy to assist your company in locating to Union, South Carolina.



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