Our City

The City of Union and Union County

The warm welcome The City of Union extends to newcomers and visitors is more than Southern hospitality.  It's our way of life.  You'll find an over abundance of friendliness in Union.

We welcome you because we've built a community here that we're proud of.  Most of us wouldn't want to live anywhere else.  We've developed the perfect blend of traditional values and progressive attitudes.  We welcome you to our wonderful community!

Over 28,000 residents live throughout the county and its four major communities - the City of Union and the towns of Lockhart, Jonesville, and Carlisle.  Prominently located in the Piedmont Region of South Carolina, Union County is convenient to the major metropolitan areas of Greenville, Columbia and Charlotte. 

Our area has attracted national attention for its surge in economic growth, and its diverse, progressive business community that is a perfect blend of tradition and technology.  Our industrial parks have been developed through cooperation between the state, city and county governments.  Union County is a viable, vibrant place to do business.

It's rural and peaceful here.  Even so, Union County is moving ahead, but not at the expense of our small-town neighborly attitude. 

History, Tradition, and a Strong Sense of Community

Union County was named for the old Union Church, erected in 1765 near the present day town of Union.  The early settlers in the area were mainly Scotch-Irish from Virginia and Pennsylvania who began immigrating to the South Carolina upcountry in the 1750s.

Union County residents take great pride in pioneering roots that date back to the country's birth.  That underlying strength has endured providing the community with a strong sense of pride and cooperation...cooperation that helps its citizens work together to build a prosperous future.

A rich and fabled history provides the foundation for much of the county's allure.  Union County was the scene of several significant battles during the Revolutionary War, including the battles of Musgrove's Mill (August 18, 1780), and the Battle of Blackstock (November 20, 1780). 

There is much more to Union.  The people exhibit a strong character and friendliness that is hard to find.  Civic clubs, and over 100 Churches are an integral part of life here, sponsoring programs that help the needy, provide support for senior citizens, and work with young people.

The City of Union is governed under the Mayor-Council form of government by a seven-member city council.  The council is composed of six council members elected from six council districts and a mayor elected at-large to four-year, staggered terms of office.  The mayor chairs the council meetings and is responsible for all the day to day operations and general management of the City. 

The offices of Mayor, Finance Director, Utilities Director, City Clerk/Personnel Director, Taxes, Utility Customer Service, The Union Connection Channel 192, and Council Chambers are located on the first floor of the city municipal building at 101 Sharpe Avenue while the building, zoning, & licensing department is located in the downstairs area of City Hall.  The public safety department is located at 215 Thompson Boulevard.