Frequently Asked Questions (Taxes)
Does the City of Union accept partial payments for taxes?

No, our offices cannot accept partial payments.

When do my taxes become delinquent?

The first penalty will be applied on January 16th with each month adding an additional penalty until March 17th when costs are also added.  All unpaid taxes roll to delinquent on March 17th. 

I bought property this year but my tax notice is not in my name, why?

Any changes made after January 1st normally do not appear on that year's tax notice.  Once the deed is recorded as changed, the new owners name will appear on the notices.

How can I pay my tax bill?

Mail your payment along with your remittance stub to the City of Union, PO Box 987, Union, SC 29379.  Be sure to apply proper postage.  Please have payment postmarked before January 16th to avoid any penalties.

Customer Service representatives will accept your payment from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, at our office. You may also go to our drive-thru with a check or money order, a receipt will be mailed to you. 

Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted for payments either in person, over the phone at 864-429-1700, on our website, or over our automated phone system at 864-301-6343.  At this time when paying with a credit card, whether online or in person, no convenience fee is applied.

Payments can also be made at our after-hours drop box at City Hall.  If paying at the drop box please include the remittance coupon and it is highly encouraged to pay with a Money Order or check, not cash.  The City of Union is not responsible for cash put in the drop box. 

If I see a levy on a property, can I pay the taxes and then the property becomes mine?

Paying the tax notice on property does not change ownership.  Anyone can pay the taxes on property but ownership remains the same.

My property was sold at the tax sale, how do I reclaim it?  

Property sold at the tax sale can be redeemed by the original owner for 1 year and 1 day with additional penalties due.  Taxes should be paid and property redeemed through the City of Union Tax Department and the Union County Delinquent Tax Office, if taxes are delinquent at both departments.

When and where is the delinquent tax sale?

The delinquent tax sale is held, usually, the first Monday in November, at the law library in the Union County Courthouse.  The tax sale is in conjunction with the Union County Tax Department but the amounts for the city and county taxes are listed separately.

What is the $5.00 disposal fee on my tax notice?

The $5.00 disposal fee on your City of Union tax notice is a once a year fee to cover the cost acquired by the City of Union to pick up brush and yard debris at your residence.

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