Electric Division


Since December 8, 1898, the City of Union Electric Division has proudly provided reliable electric service to the residents of the City of Union and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to quality service and care.  The division provides for the operation, construction and maintenance of the City's electric distribution system. Service is provided both inside and outside the corporate limits to approximately 7,000 customers. Wholesale power is purchased from Lockhart Power Company through a billing arrangement with the Piedmont Municipal Power Agency (PMPA).

Our Electric Division consists of nine (9) employees:  A Construction and Maintenance Supervisor, Assistant C/M Supervisor, six (6) Linemen and a Customer Service Representative.

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Fee for Underground Electrical Residential Service

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Public Notice



On January 1, 2009, Lockhart Power Company entered into a new contract with Duke Power.  Since the City of Union purchases power directly from Lockhart this contract between Lockhart and Duke will affect the monthly wholesale bill the City receives from Lockhart.  To offset any increases or decreases in power cost the City is implementing a Purchased Power Adjustment (PPA).  The PPA will be reflected on your monthly bill.

Should you have any questions, please call the City of Union at 864-429-1717.


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