Newcomer Information
The warm welcome the City of Union extends to newcomers and visitors is more than Southern hospitality, it's our way of life!  You'll find an over abundance of friendliness in Union.  Even though it's rural and peaceful here, Union County is moving ahead.  Our area has attracted national attention for its surge in economic growth, and its diverse, progressive business community that is a perfect blend of tradition and technology.  Union County is a viable, vibrant place to do business.  Our historic downtown includes an art center, retailers, antique shop, our local radio station and a museum.  It is home to services such as banking, insurance, accounting, legal services and a rental facility for your event needs.  To learn about the history of Union visit Our City page of this website. 

Whether you are moving locally, from across the state or country, we hope this information will make the move easier. 

See Union's demographics, location and climate for more information about our beautiful city.  

Please check out our Places To Go/Things to Do, our staff directoryCommunity phone numbers and links section for additional information.          

Animal Control:

City of Union
Union County 

Area Schools:    

Area Schools                                  

Cable and Internet Services:         

AT & T    
DISH Network     
Hughes Net

Event Center:           

Main Street Junction - (Contact us on Facebook) - Available for all your event needs such as wedding, birthday parties, retirements or even a conference room for corporate meetings.  

Veterans Building at Foster Park - 322 Veterans Drive, Union (Contact us on Facebook) -  Available for events such as weddings, retirements and birthday parties.       

Foster Park Shelters - If your event requires the use of a shelter at Foster Park, please call 864-429-1700 to reserve.  These are available on a on first come - first served basis. 


The Inn at Merridun                                                     Quality Inn                                                                
100 Merridun Place                                                       315 N Duncan Bypass   
Union, SC 29379                                                            Union, SC 29379
864-427-7052                                                                 (864) 427-5060

Days Inn of Union                                                         Knights Inn  
101 Toshes Creek Circle                                                481 Fairwood Blvd
Union, SC 29379                                                            Union, SC 29379    
(864) 427-0308                                                              (864) 427-9041

American Inn                                                                  Palmetto Inn  
755 N Duncan Bypass                                                   1235 S Duncan Bypass  
Union, SC 29379                                                            Union, SC 29379  
(864) 427-5444                                                              (864) 427-5682   

Leisure Activities:          

Union has a lot of activities and continues to add to the list.  See Place To Go and Thing to Do and our Events Calendar.          

Medical Facilities:          

Medical Resources          

Motor Vehicles:     

SC Department of Motor Vehicles  - located at 1000 North Pinckney St, Union.  


Union County News  - Located at 108 East Main Street, Union County News and Printing was established in October of 2009, to provide the county with a hometown news source  The Union County News is printed each Monday.

Property Taxes:          

Property taxes are due to the City of Union and Union County.          

Religious Organizations:  Churches are an integral part of life here, sponsoring programs that help the needy, provide support for senior citizens, and work with young people.
Baptist Association
Places of Worship          

Sports Complexes:  Our sports complexes have fields for baseball and softball, while Timken Complex includes a Miracle League ball field.  Timken Complex has a fenced playground for children of all ages, including a Miracle League playground.      

Timken Sports Complex
South Hills Sports Complex          

Telephone Services:          

AT & T 
Town Parks:   

City Park - 615 W Main St, Union    
Foster Park - 322 Veterans Drive, Union  

Union County Website       
Union County Chamber of Commerce      
Utility Services in the City and County of Union:   
City of Union Utility Department    
Lockhart Power Company  
Brown's Creek Water Company 
Meansville Riley Water Company 
Santuc Hebron Water Company - located at 174 State Rd, Carlisle, SC - 864-429-0807
Town of Carlisle Water District 
SC Electric and Gas

Veteran's Affairs

Local - Union County Veterans Affairs
State - South Carolina Department of Veterans Affairs

Volunteer Opportunities:   
Union encourages public participation on Boards and Commissions, but please research the functions and time commitments before applying. 

Voter Registration 

Union County Voter Registration
City Council District Maps
Waste Collection/Yard Debris:          

The City of Union collects waste inside the City limits based on zones.  Please visit the Public Service page to view the details regarding the zones.  

Roll out garbage carts - Once a week (Curbside before 7:00 am on day of service)      

Yard Debris - Once a week (Curbside)          
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