Apogee Energy Advisor

City of Union is pleased to offer you Apogee Energy Advisor, a set of online tools and resources to help you better understand and manage your home energy use and costs.  Apogee is a one-stop resource for energy information.  Follow the links below for your free energy audit.  

Energy Resource Center - Home Page:
 Get quick estimates of your home’s current energy-use costs. See how much you can save just by making a   few changes. 

 Saving Tips:
 This reliable information resource answers questions regarding your home’s energy use.   These easy-to-use   online tools provide energy and bill analysis, interactive energy education for kids and an extensive energy   library.

 Lighting Calculator:
 See exactly how much money you can save by switching from standard bulbs to compact fluorescent lights and   LED lights.

 Clothes Dryer Calculator:   
 See how your dryer type affects your cost to operate.


 Cooking Calculator:
 See the annual costs of your energy used in cooking.


 Water Heater Comparison:
 Use our water heater comparison calculator to compare the annual costs of water heating in your household   through natural gas, electric, propane, and fuel oil, based on your home’s location and occupancy.

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