Boards and Commissions


Gloria Rogers, Clerk
101 Sharpe Avenue
P.O. Box 987
Union, SC  29379
Phone:  864-429-1701
Fax:  864-429-2815


The City Clerk serves as Clerk to Council and maintains the listings of current City Boards and Commissions.  The City Council and Mayor make appointments to Boards and Commissions serving the City.  The following is a list of current Boards and Commissions and members with term expiration dates.




 Municipal Election Commission

Commissioner Catrina Y. Brown
120 N. Boyce St. - Apt. 6G
Union, SC 29379
Term Expires:  June, 2022

Commissioner Mamie J. Holmes
216 Goings Lane
Union, SC  29379
Term Expires:  June, 2024

Commissioner Melissa Brown - Chairman
108 McClure Street
Union, SC  29379
Term Expires:  June, 2026

 Fireman Fund

Mayor Harold Thompson

Public Safety Director Robert McGee

Finance Director Laura Hembree

Zoning Board of Appeals

Neil Valentine - Chairman
Jerry Willard, Jr.
Quandra Jeter
Nikia Brannon - Vice Chairman

Planning Commission Board

Bobby Joe Gibbs
Lynn Eaves - Vice Chairman
Weldon Rodgers
Mary Norman
Hutch Hall - Chairman

Building Board of Appeals

A.C. Martin - Electrical Contractor

Dennis Langley - General Contractor

Tradd Bruce - General & Mechanical Contractor 

Jackie Earls - General Contractor 

 Union Housing Authority Board

Frank Alexander-Chairman
100 Grace Street
Union, SC  29379
Term Expires: April 6, 2023

Genelle Alexander-Vice Chairman
300 Partridge Road
Union, SC  29379
Term Expires:  April 6, 2025

E. Bruce Morgan
125 Wingfield Drive

Union, SC 29379
Term Expires:  April 6, 2026

Mickey Gist
1005 N. Pinckney St.
Union, SC  29379
Term Expires:  April 6, 2024

Jill Jeter (Resident Member)
112 Columbus St.
Union, SC 29379
Term Expires: Dec. 31, 2022




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