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Integrated Resource Plan

The City of Union owns and operates an electric distribution utility (the Utility). South Carolina Code Ann. Section 58-37-40 requires a municipal electric utility to prepare an Integrated Resource Plan, submit the plan to the State Energy Office, and post the plan to the Utility’s website.

The Utility purchases bulk power from Lockhart Power Company, the Power Supplier, through an all requirements wholesale power purchase agreement (the Agreement). The current contract period runs from January 1, 1993 for 5 years and thereafter year to year until terminated with at least 30 months previous notice of termination in writing. The Agreement requires the Power Supplier to furnish and the Utility to purchase and receive all power required to serve the utility’s customers except for de-minimis demand-side peak-shaving generation and the power supplied from the source(s) and at the capacity listed below:

Other wholesale power supply agreements include:
PMPA and City of Union Catawba Project Power Sales Agreement expiration date August 1, 2035
PMPA and City of Union Supplemental Power Supply expiration date December 31, 2029
PMPA and City of Union Billing Agreement expiration date of December 31, 2029 

SEPA allocation capacity _3.892_kW

Under the Agreement, the Power Supplier is solely responsible for the operation, maintenance, replacement of generation facilities, securing other supplies if necessary, and the dispatch and transmission of power delivered to meet the requirements of the Agreement. The power supplied to the Utility reflects the generation portfolio of the supplier(s). During the contract period, the power supplier(s) retain the right to determine the generating facility(s), and source(s) of power delivered to meet the obligations of the Agreement.


The following is a list of vacant properties for sale which are no longer necessary for City of Union purposes.  Instructions for bidders:  Please fill in all blocks in the "bids" column.  Write your bid amount beside the property or properties you wish to bid on.  If you wish to bid on some properties, but not all, please write $0 in the bid sections of the properties you do not wish to bid on. 

Situated in the Upstate Region of South Carolina near the Greenville-Spartanburg metropolitan area,
Union is a progressive city with a proud heritage and vision for the future.  This web site has been created for the citizens, visitors, and newcomers to The City of Union.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance.

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"The City of Union will at all times provide quality services to all
citizens equitably and in a fair, responsive, efficient and caring
manner.  We value employees who exhibit moral values that stress
the importance of treating co-workers and our citizens with respect
and fairness.   We pledge to communicate and provide leadership 
effectively equitably with all our citizens, organizations and
community at large as we try 
to develop and maintain a high quality
of sustainable living in the City of Union."


The City of Union supports and promotes fair and equitable housing for all its citizens.

The State of South Carolina enacted the South Carolina Fair Housing Law in 1989.  The City of Union supports and promotes fair and equitable housing for all of its citizens.  The council rejects discrimination on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, national origin, disability, and/or familial status in the sale, rental or provision of other housing services.

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